Saturday, October 17, 2009

a weekend away....

Hey lovers, okay... So I'm in bradford for the weekend, I came over to see my friend. Okay, he had some friends over at his apartment and next thing I know one of his friend is smoking weed and I'm like cool... Next thing I know he gives it to another boy and I'm like cool.
So sha dey kept on talking and smoking the weed. And then they asked one other boy why he didn't want weed and then he goes that his dad asked him to stop smoking.. They were now stroking him that his a stupid guy that he shld take, so he takes one puff and begins to cough like
There is no tommorow....LOL, it was so damn funny. But then I thought wow... Dats peer pressure. So sha later they finished their discussion and left. They came back later in the day and yet again started smoking, but this time there were some girls around, the boys passed to one of the girls and she gladly
Took it, then they gave the other girl and she was like no, they were like comon take... She was like no! And they started making her feel like a child.
After that, I took some time to reflect on all that has beeen happening, weed is just 'normal' nowadays and also girls take just seems so irresponsible to me. WOW...let me stop here because I'm judging and its not good to judge.
So let me go on with my has been such a amazing Weekend, I have had a fantastic time. And just wish it won't come to an end, but good things never last.
Now ... On to gist about me and mr peace, WOW..its on the rocks o! We are on a break at the moment, I'll give you more info later because I'm tired. But I'm so sad...oooo...did I mention he came to liverpool for the was a wonderful time filled with drama. That's all for now, school is STRESS.

Later lovers ....


  1. Please I'm happy you know your own mind. Peer pressure can be intense sometimes. Why would people openly force someone to be like them?

    As for you and Mr. Peace. You'll be OK, take care.

  2. yep. that is peer pressure for you rite there. so did the other girl take it?thats too bad though. but like myne said, you'll be alrite.