Friday, August 21, 2009


hey!!!! sorry i havent blogged ever since..ive been going thru drama!!!!! if u dont know i school in the united kingdom, i had to extend my visa and i came back to nigeria to re-apply instead of just sitting my big ass in the uk *i came back to re-apply in nigeria  because i wanted to see mr peace, but unfortunately he left for ireland(thts where he schools) the same day i arrived(bloddy irony :(..... so we cld not see ) * sha sha sha....those bastard people denied me visa, so i had to re-apply..i was even supposed to go to yankee but i had to cancel cos of the visa ish........sad part is that me and mr peace were supposed to see in yankee, but we can't anymore because of the whole visa saddened. this leads me to talk about my heading/ title of this post : DISTANCE!!! i havent seen mr peace in 6months +...ok let me put it this and mr peace are in a long distance relationship. he stays in ireland and i stay in liverpool. he comes to see me in liverpool, he has come 2ce, i would have loved to go to ireland to see him but i need an irish its just long.

NEWAIZ........... ive missed him sooooo very much, asin, it hurts sometimes(most times).....but the thing that keeps me going is the love we have for each other........and all the beautiful moments we have spent together*have i told u that mr peace is proli the most romantic guy in the world, he knows how to steal a girls heart and i LAV IT* .....newaiz, i just wanted to share my emotions with u guys today, cos im missing mr peace TERRIBLY.....I love him muchos...

                                                    Random moment with jerry !!!!!!!
ok sha, so i went to the gym the other day, and jerry was helping me with my situps, when we got to the 25th one my back was aching me, so he asked me to take a break..during this break..this conversation took place between me and jerry..

jerry: just relax ur giving u just 30 secs of rest(yh ryt!!!)

gaga: ok

jerry: wow, look at ur palms they are soo fair, beautiful and soft...they are like a baby's own... i wish i had the type of your palms

gaga: *laughs*..really? i knw about fair but i didnt know it was beautiful and do u knw they are even soft

jerry: ah ah...shebe when ur doing ur situps you come and tap my hands and i fell your palms (LOL..I WAS JUST my mind i was like..whats this jerry guy on about????)

gaga: *still laffing* are you serious? *scopping my palms myself*..eya, thank you..let me see your own palms...*he brings out his palms and i felt it was nufn extra-ordinary*

jerry: can u see that it is hard....

gaga: no not really.........anyway, lets start the situps, ive rested enuf....(the conversation was getting tooo awkward).

so yahh!!!!!!! that was one odd conversation i had with him..i have to go take a shower now because i need to go to the going to have another dose of jerry!!!

                                                                                                   ok lovers, im off...............


  1. hey just stopping bye,,keep it up,u can check me out too,peace

  2. hey welcome to bloggers avenue........hope u have fun hia.....

  3. Welcome to blogville. That jerry sounds one kain, be kiaful sha. Good luck with your visa nd Mr. Peace

  4. thank u guys!!!! ur feedback means a lot..keep reading my blog!!!!